Friday, January 20, 2006

Migrated Blogger

I have decided to get quite serious about this blogging caper and so have moved my blog to

This blog should now redirect, but if it does not, please go to that address.

Thanks: Micheal Axelsen

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blogs, Wikis, and RSS

Apparently having been provided with a tag of "top blogger" and "blogging evangelist", I am down to speak to the topic of "Implementing Your Online Collaboration Strategy" for Key Forums on 29th March 2006 at Harbourview Hotel.

It promises to be an interesting conference, given the people speaking:
  • Jackson Wells Morris
  • Thinking Home Business
  • The Podcast Network
  • Ltd
  • Fairfax Digital
  • Deakin University
  • Microsoft Australia
  • BDO Kendalls
  • Industry Capability Network
  • Bibby Financial Services Australia
  • Baker and McKenzie
  • Yahoo!
  • Acer Computer Australia

I am speaking on Implementation and Technology, particularly on that whole, rather largeish, 'people' side of the equation. Full details are available from Key Forums.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

There has been a slight interruption to blogging services, normal service will return as soon as possible.

It would seem high time I made a blog entry again. It has been Christmas season as we all know and four weeks off with two small children has not been conducive to blogging - maybe my blogging gene has been defective.

More (serious) blog entries to come. Incidentally, if you're reading this blog and have some comments to make, take a risk, live a little dangerously, and leave a comment (that isn't spam!).

Incidentally, I note a theory that many people that blog are extroverted introverts - they've met people and decide they're not that bad, but all in all they would really rather send emails or blog and imagine that the recipients of their wit respond appropriately at their witticisms. Me? I'm probably somewhere in the middle - you decide.

And no, this is not a reality TV show, which surely must be the lowest form of wit.